Personal Sessions

A CNNC consultation involves understanding your health concerns and exploring solutions to get you performing at your peak. Helping you understand the factors that could be preventing you from feeling your best with a focus on restoring balance.

Family Consulation

Group sessions are available for overall family health & care, designed to adjust the nutritional status of the whole family in order to treat and support many conditions such as hormonal, adrenal & cognitive health with the inclusion of many respiratory & skin disturbances.

Cognitive & Mental Health

Anxiety & Depression

Insomnia & Fatigue

Cognitive Disorders

Immune Health

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Immune support

Allergies & Intolerances

Metabolic & Digestive Health

IBS, IBD & Coeliac disease

Microbiota Restoration

Nutrient Absorption

Children’s Health

Immune & Digestive support

learning & Attention disorders

Eczema & Asthma

Hormonal Imbalances

Endometriosis & PCOS

Menopause Management

Male & Female Reproduction

Adrenal Disturbances

Cushing Syndrome

Addison’s Disease

Adrenal Dysfunction & Fatigue

Endocrine Disorders

Diabetes Mellitus

Grave’s Disease

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis


Acne Vulgaris



Next Challenge

Peak performance program – exploring physical and emotional stability in preparation for the next stage of life. Infancy, childhood, puberty, adulthood, prenatal, pregnancy, postnatal, lactation, peri and post menopause and ageing healthy with and without polypharmacy.


Mentoring for students of Clinical Nutritional, Naturopathic & Western Herbal Medicine Degrees post-graduation, individual & groups sessions. Extemporaneous compound training for both nutritional & phytochemical formulae.

Peak Performance

Career and study focused, high functioning, healthy individuals who want to maximise sustaining physical and cognitive performance in order to perform at their peak. The brain is the control centre of all neuronal activity, learn what and how to enhance and sustain cognitive function.

Professional Service Costs

Please allow up to 90 minutes for all initial and 60 minutes for return consultations so that we can establish a treatment plan that will consider all aspects of your health concerns, medical history, nutritional, lifestyle advice and any recommended referrals that may be required.

$240.00              Comprehensive Clinical Nutrition & Naturopathic Analysis*

$120.00              Consultation (Follow-up)*

$75.00                 Express Consultation (Compounding)*

$90.00                 Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

$90.00                 Sports & Trigger Point Therapy

Group and Family Consultations fees upon request for Clinical Nutrition & Naturopathy

*Nutritional, Homeopathic, and Western Herbal Medicines are charged separately.

Please bring copies of all past test results, current medications, and nutritional supplements to your consultation to ensure a thorough case assessment. You may forward a copy of these documents directly to the clinic prior to your appointment to