Nutritional & Phytochemical Compounding Service

Do you know what fillers and binders (excipients) are added to your current nutritional supplements?

We promote a healthy diet that incorporates food as medicine however understand that from time to time our mind and body require support with nutritional supplementation, phytochemical and pharmaceutical intervention.

If you are consuming multiple supplements to achieve your health goals allow us to review and provide you with professional advice from a Clinic Nutritionist & Integrative Naturopath.

Our formulas are created for the individual in-house by high-quality practitioner only compounds that are combined together for you after a 15-minute health assessment.

We source and combine concentrated ingredients to provide a smaller and in many cases a single therapeutic dosage option.

We support your current pharmaceutical prescription with nutrients that may be compromised or required in order to maintain the required levels of essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals for the biochemistry profile of the human body.

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