Naturopathic Medicine

The role of the Naturopath and Nutritionist is to educate and empower individuals to reclaim their true state of health through their ability to apply extemporaneous dispensing of Amino Acids, Nutrients and Phytochemical Medicines that are customised to the individuals needs in order to ensure physical and cognitive.

The practice of clinical nutrition and naturopathy approaches disease prevention addressing all aspects of an individual’s life that are impacting their health.

Naturopathy is a medical modality that uses traditional and modern scientific knowledge to prevent and treat illness by combining pharmacognosy, western herbal medicine, nutritional biochemistry, and other health care practices.

Nutrition refers to the therapeutic management of individual patients using an evidence-based understanding of nutritional principles and the functional role of food and nutrients in the body. Understanding of digestion, absorption, transportation, and excretion of nutrients is required to comprehensively acknowledge the physiologic and biochemical processes involved in health and disease.

Nature itself is the best physician – Hippocrates

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